Seasoning Systems

Taste is the main key element of any food product so to add the taste in snacks, seasoning is necessary. Seasoning is a process of evenly applying flavor to a finished product so we have designed seasoning systems for your ease to make potato chips, banana chips, pellets , Kurkure etc. It is also used to make Namkeen mixture. We have two types of seasoning system; one is batch system & second is online seasoning system.

follwing are two types of seasoning systems

1. Batch Seasoning Systems

Batch seasoning system is individual machine. We have two types of batch seasoning system. One is tilting and another is non-tilting.

Tilting Seasoning System

In tilting seasoning system, we have drum, which is attached with a motor, we add product & flavor to the drum. After mixing the flavor through the rotation, the product automatically removes down itself through the tilting mechanism.

Model SCDT 100 SCDT 200 SCDT 300
Capacity (Mix Namkeen Per batch of 5 Minutes) 100 Kg 200 Kg 300 Kg
Power Required 1.5 H.P. 4 H.P. 7 H.P.
Mixing Volume (Liters)  1 1 1

Non-Tilting Seasoning System

In non-tilting seasoning system, we have a round drum of starts from 36 inches to 48-60 inches with diameter of the round drum, which rotates on its axis and it comes with speed controller. We have to put product along with flavor and after controlled rotation, the flavored product removes through the downside window and we can collect it in a pan, which is also attached with it at downside of the drum.

Model SCDR 40 SCDR 70 SCDR 100
Capacity (Mix Namkeen Per batch of 5 Minutes) 40 Kg 70 Kg 100 Kg
Power Required 1. H.P. 1. H.P. 2 H.P.
Mixing Volume (Liters)  1  1  1

2. Online Seasoning Systems

Online seasoning systems are usually connected to automatic continuous processing lines. There are two types of online seasoning system. One is through powder sprinkling system and other has a slurry system.

In powder sprinkling system is used for potato chips, banana chips, pellets, aloo bhujiya, nimbu bhujiya etc., while the slurry system is used for making extruded snacks like Kurkure etc., for which there is a slurry tank as well.