Potato Chips Line

Chips is a versatile potato product. New shapes and flavors are regularly brought onto the market. Our technology offers flexibility in your production process for now and in the future.

A rich range of options ensures that you can go along with every new idea or taste. Good chips have the right ‘cracking’, the right size, color, taste, and freshness. Dynamech Engineers enable you to develop and produce in a wide variety of chips with a constant quality guarantee. Making chips is millimeter work in a few seconds. The balanced engineering and user-friendliness of our machines enables you to deliver a top product every day.


Banana & Cassava Chips Production Line

Banana chips are more trendy and season friendly. Dynamech Engineers has been exploring this section of snacks from quite some-time and the benefit of this research and experience has been converted into amazing product line which are not only user-friendly but also high on efficiency.

An exclusive line for producing superior quality Banana / Plantain / Cassava Chips. Continuous Frying System exclusively, designed for Banana Chips to achieve maximum product quality and operational flexibility.


Namkeen / Indian Savories Production Line

We offer a complete range of solutions for namkeen snacks, also known as Indian savories, Nimco, Chana-Chur. Constant efforts are put in to bring in advanced automation in this industry there by improving the productivity and savings of our valued clients. Our sev extruder machines are perfectly engineered from high-quality metal to ensure maximum durability. These automatic extruder machines are offered by us at industry leading prices.


Extruded Snacks Production Line

In food and snacks industry, Seasoning is perhaps the least noticed step in order to produce quality chips and snacks, but Dynamech engineers have designed such processing units which can enable you to produce high quality.


Pellets/ Fryums Snacks Production Line

The pellet snacks market has opened up tremendously over the past few years. Consumers are ready to be enticed by flavours, shapes, colours and aromas. Our machines are making pellet snacks in all possible sizes and types.


Frying Systems

Frying is one of the most important steps for crafting wonderful snacks, Dynamech Engineers over the period have developed a wide range of fryers that not only delivers quality as per requirement but also are budget friendly. You can choose as per your budget and requirements.


Heating Systems

For an amazing R.O.I., you should focus more on the heating system because an effective heating system can multiply your profits but a poor heating system can ruin your quality as well as profits. Dynamech Engineers for a long time has invested in different-different types of heating systems and through the experience, we were able to design such amazing heating systems that increase your product quality as well as your profits.


Cooling Systems

Cooling systems ensure the crunchiness of the snacks and we have found that these cooling systems are as important as the input ingredients and other food items hence keeping a proper concern of cooling system, any production line can produce amazing results. You can choose from a variety of cooling systems from Dynamech Engineers.


Seasoning Systems

In food and snacks industry, Seasoning is perhaps the least noticed step in order to produce quality chips and snacks, but Dynamech engineers have designed such processing units which can enable you to produce consistent coverage of both powder flavoring and liquid oil flavoring.


Fried Dal/ Lentils/ Green Peas Production Line

Due to the very nutritious nature, lentils snacks are becoming a high demand product nowadays. Dynamech Engineers have put all our experience and understanding of food in crafting the production pipeline of snacks. You can choose from the different options provided by our engineers according to your budget and production capacity.


Multi-Product Production Line

In order to fulfill requirements for multi product production lines, we undertake customization works for the entire range of our fully automatic production lines so as to meet industrial needs of our customers.