Multi Product Line for Potato Chips/ Extruded Snacks
MULTI PRODUCT LINE FOR Banana Chips/ Namkeen/ Dal & Lentils/ Pellets

In order to fulfill requirements for multi product production lines, we undertake customization works for the entire range of our fully automatic production lines so as to meet industrial needs of our customers. This is done by our team of food technologists who understand the needs of clients in terms of design and other technical specifications such as capacity, material, heating option, dimensions, and type of fuel.

We are the leading Manufacturer and Supplier of multi product prodution lines with the Capacity of 150, 300, 500 kg/hr.

In this production line, you have to add small machine units as attachemnts to produce different type of snacks like namkeen, potato chips, pellet/ fryums, dal/ lentils and boondi.

Multi Snacks Automatic Lines
Namkeen/Indian Savories/ Bhuija/ Nimco/ Chanachur 300 Kg/ Hr 400 500 Dough Kneader & Sev Extruder
Potato Chips/Banana /Tapioca/Cassava Chips 100 Kg / Hr 125 150 Potato Slicer, Peeler, Centrifuge, Potato Chips pre fryer & Infeed shaker, ** Banana/Tapioca Chips Slicer & Pre-Fryer
Pellet/Fryums 500 Kg / Hr 700 1000 Pellet Feeder & Pre-Fryer
Dal/Lentils 100 Kg / Hr 150 200 Dal Feeder & Bottom Belt in the fryer
Boondi 100 Kg / Hr 150 200 Boondi Slurry Machine & Boondi Pre fryer