Cooling Systems

We have pioneered in wholesome manufacturing of Snacks Making Equipment. Our Cooling Conveyor is used along with Automatic fryers for removing oil and cooling the fried product so that they can be forwarded to packaging easily. It is extensively used for cooling and de-oiling of fried products like chips, namkeen, pellets etc; our Cooling Conveyors help to reduce the temperature of the product using ambient air and process time effectively. Our cooling conveyors are usually 13-15 feet long. It works on the principal of continuous rotation of the ambient air, that’s why it consume less fuel or can say no much energy.

We have two types of cooling system. The one is single level and the other one is multi level cooling system.


In a single level cooling system, the cooling of product is done at a single cooler and the single level conveyer. The single cooling system has the longer cooling time and the length of the conveyer is also around 13-15 feet.


In a multi-level cooling system, the cooling is done on a various stages, so it has the shorter cooling time and the length of the system is also just 10 feet. it is made to save floor space.