Fried Dal / lentils like moong, chana, masoor and chick peas, green peas, peanuts are the healthy & tasty snacks, which are very much liked by the customers. To make these snacks, we have designed some special lines.

The first step to making these snacks is soaking. We have to first soak the dal/lentils in a tank for 4-5 hours. After soaking, there is process of washing the dal in Dal washer for 15 minutes cycle time in several steps. The it moves to the centrifugal de-watering system to remove the excess water. After de-watering the next step is frying. So, dal/lentils can be fried either through batch frying system or through continuous automatic frying system.

To know more about the frying system, please have a look to our frying systems.

Fully Automatic Dal/ Lentils Frying Line

In Fully Automatic System, we have Dal washer & centrifugal dryer as an attachment, Automatic feeder, and Main fryer with multiple hot oil unit, carrier & take off conveyor belts for moving dal, De-oiling system and seasoning system in the production pipeline.

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Batch Type Dal/ Lentils Frying Line

If you want to start a small scale business and don’t want to invest in fully automatic line, so for this, we have batch processing line. In this, there are different machine attachments for each work and each machine works manually.

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