Frying adds a unique taste to the food product while the use of no cooking oil (at least very little) minimizes the amount of fat in the diet. By quickly frying snack products on a very high temperature heated surface, bacterias are killed which increases shelf life, while the vegetable product maintains a crisp, fresh texture. Our passion to develop high quality manufacturing machines is apparently visible in these frying machines, which have earned wide appreciation from our customers for their longevity and convenient operating.

Automatic Frying Systems

In Automatic Frying System, the product is fed from one end and it comes out fried from the other end by a conveyor system and deep fried with submerged conveyor. Automatic Frying system varies with the product category like for potato chips have its unique frying system, as pellets and extruded snacks have different frying system. So according to it we have 7 different types of Automatic Frying systems for different products because each product has different input moisture level and different way of behaving with oil like lentils will sink to the bottom during frying so we have specific designs for these types of product. By understanding such product behavior, we have divided the products into two categories, one is floating and another is non-floating. This fryer is based on edible oil circulation system, where the edible oil is heated through a suitable heat exchanger. Pneumatic hood lifting provides easy access for cleaning beneath the fryer. Over all fuel efficiency can increase up to 30 to 40 % compared to traditional systems.

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Batch Frying Systems

Our batch frying system are highly efficient as a certain volume of food product is loaded into a frying vessel and stirred for a predetermined time period and then removed and as quickly as possible thereafter the next batch is loaded.

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