Dynamech Engineers have been developing, designing, manufacturing and commissioning potato chips lines for more than 33 years.

Our expertise starts with the raw material. Potato varieties, storage conditions, potato handling and intake systems are all factors which affect the final quality of your potato chips. De-stoning, washing and peeling solutions depend on local conditions and requirements. We design systems based on your input. Our core competence lies in the part of the process where the potato slice is transformed to a potato chip. Washing the cut slices. Blanching and frying. All this requires know-how and experience. we can ensure that your potato chip has the colour, texture and crispiness required to suit the consumers in your market. Dynamech Engineers has extensive knowledge of the potato as raw material and how to design an effective process. We combine the latest technologies using computer simulation programs and build efficient and reliable process equipment. We take responsibility for design, manufacture and installation. We will commission the line and make sure that your staffs get professional training in maintenance and process control.

Fully Automatic Potato Chips Production Line

The fully automatic Potato Chips line is a continuous processing arrangement, which is suitable for processing of Potato on large scale.

If you wish to produce on a large scale with a minimum human interference then Dynamech Engineers bring to you fully automatic potato chips production line. Based upon the expertise of our food scientists, industrial designers, and experience, we have come up with offerings that not only increase your production capabilities but also with minor tweaks help you to target high scale ROI.

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Semi Automatic Potato Chips Production Line

The semi automatic potato chips line is a combination of batch & continuous processing arrangement, which is suitable for processing of potato.

If you are the one who wants to be on the economic side of your business and willing to adopt technology but on a small scale, want to customize the production line as per your requirements, then we have designed semi-automatic potato chips production line.

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Batch Based Potato Chips Automatic Production Line

After observing the industry for more than 35 years, we have come with a fully economical and small scale solution for the production of potato chips. This type of production line is not only small on the pocket but also easy to maintain.

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