We have state-of-the-art Pellet frying line for uniform frying of various pellet snacks. The product quality is excellent and the system is simple and easy to operate. We have such environment-friendly 1000-1500 Kg/ hr. pellet frying line installation available.

The pellets are added to feeder for pre-frying, which removes excess moisture from the pellets so that we get better expansion and then it moves to main fryer. De-oiling process can be done by two types. One is with centrifugal de-oiling system & other one is without centrifugal de-oiling system. After de-oiling the pellets move to the seasoning system.

General Information


   200 Kg/Hr

     300 Kg/ Hr

 500 Kg/Hr

Capacity 200 Kg/hr Ready fried and Seasoned Pellets/ Fryums 300 Kg/hr Ready fried and Seasoned Pellets/ Fryums 500 Kg/hr Ready fried and Seasoned Pellets/ Fryums
Man Power Required 2 2 2
Floor Space 1000 Sq. Ft 1200 Sq. Ft 1400 Sq. Ft
Oil in system  200  Ltrs 300  Ltrs 400  Ltrs
Products White Flour / Wheat / Potato Based Pellets
Heating System                           Diesel / Gas / Wood / Thermic Fluid / Pellets etc
MOC                                      AISI – SS-  304 Food Grade

*Please note that 1 L Diesel = 1 Unit of Gas = 4 -5 Kg of Wood

Technical Specifications

Model 200 Kg/Hr 300 Kg/ Hr 500 Kg/Hr
Total connected load 6 KW 6 KW 7.5 KW
Thermal Load 1 Lac Kcal/hr. 1.5 Lac Kcal/hr. 2 Lac Kcal/hr.
Diesel 5 liters per Hr. 8 liters per Hr. 10 liters per Hr.

*Please note that 1 L Diesel = 1 Unit of Gas = 4 -5 Kg of Wood

Special Features

Strong Built Quality
  • Complete SS 304 construction (Contact Parts) Covering of stainless steel Grade duly buffed & polishe
Hygienic design

Complete Hygienic design, easy to operate and maintain.


Easy accessible hence proper cleaning.


Food grade conveyor belts.

Energy efficient

Energy efficient and environmental friendly technology.

Without Centrifugal De-oiling


It is the regular frying system, where the regular conveyer belt is used for de-oiling. Here the oil pick-up is 22-25%.

With Centrifugal De-oiling

In Centrifugal De-oiling, the pellets go to Centrifugal De-oiler, where the rotating drum removes excess oil through centrifugal force and after it goes to the flavoring system. By using centrifugal de-oiling system, we can reduce the oil pickup, which is just 15% as compare to regular frying system.

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