Dal Washer
Centrifugal dryer
Moong Dal Fryer With W. H. E.

Dal/Lentils contains different texture and behavior because it has 50% moisture level as compared to other Namkeen. As per the characteristics of dal, some need more frying & some need less.  We have to focus on the quality of dal/Lentils during frying process so that we can meet standard taste parameters. For this we have specially designed fryers in our product range.

In Fully Automatic System, we have Dal washer & centrifugal dryer as an attachment, Automatic feeder, and Main fryer with multiple hot oil unit, carrier & take off conveyor belts for moving dal, De-oiling system and seasoning system in the production pipeline.

This fully Automatic line has special features like Multiple Hot Oil input to the fryer which creates constant temperature hot oil zone in the bottom of the fryer. There is no bottom belt in the fryer which helps in reduction oil hold up in the fryer. Due to constant influx of hot oil at the bottom there is minimum wastages. Drum filter to remove to very fine particles .Optional pre-frying system available to improve the Quality of Green Peas. Air Suction based cooling system to reduce the product temperature, so that product can be immediately packed. It also has flavoring system for even coating of Dal with flavors.


General Information

Model    150 Kg/Hr.      300 Kg/Hr. 500 Kg/Hr.


All type of Dal/ Lentils 150 Kg/hr.   300 Kg/hr. 500  Kg/hr.
Man Power Required 2 2 2
Floor Space 450 Sq. Ft 500 Sq. Ft 500 Sq. Ft
Oil in system  300 LTR 400  LTR 500  LTR
Fryer Length 14 Ft. 19 Ft. 19 Ft.
Products Chana Dal, Moong Dal, Matar, pea nuts etc
Heating System Diesel / Gas / Wood / Thermic Fluid / Pellets etc
MOC AISI – SS- 304 Food Grade

General Information

Model    150   Kg/Hr 300 Kg/ Hr 500 Kg/ Hr
Total connected load 8.65 KW 10.25 KW 15 KW
Thermal Load 2 Lac Kcal/hr. 4 Lac Kcal/hr. 6 Lac Kcal/hr.
Diesel 15 liters per Hr. 30 liters per Hr. 50 liters per Hr.


*Please note that 1 LTR Diesel = 1 Unit of Gas = 5-6 Kg of Wood