an extruded snack, meaning they are cooked, pressurized, and pushed out of a die that forms the particular snack shape. They are then baked (or fried, depending on the product) and flavored with oil and seasonings. Today, we eat extruded corn snacks that are irregularly shaped depending on the shape of the die. Flavorings added after baking or frying vary greatly.

Special Features

Strong Built Quality
  • Complete SS 304 construction (Contact Parts) Covering of stainless steel Grade duly buffed & polishe
Hygienic design

Complete Hygienic design, easy to operate and maintain.


Easy accessible hence proper cleaning.


Food grade conveyor belts.

Energy efficient

Energy efficient and environmental friendly technology.

Ribbon Blender

Ribbon blender are widely used for homogeneous mixing of dry granules and powders. The blender comprises a “U” tank, shaft with two sets of spiral ribbons, one inside the other. Inner and outer ribbons are perfectly arranged, that during rotation, the material reaches each corner of the trough and imparts radial and linear motion to the whole of the material to be mixed. Our range of ribbon blender are based on a proven agitator construction that provides a triple mixing action ensuring fast, efficient blending. Corn, Rice, Gram Grit are mixed with water in this process

Spice /Ribbon Blender
Model SB 50 SB 100
Mixing Capacity 50 Kg/4min 100 Kg/4min
Mixing Per Hour 750 Kg/Hr 1500 Kg/Hr
Power Required 1 H.P. 2 H.P.


We manufacture kurkure extruder wherein we carry the process of gelatinization in a concentric cavity between two dye, one rotary with 3 blades (fingers) plus grooves, and the other one with grooves only. The action of these blades on the rotating head creates the necessary condition of pressure and heat to achieve gelatinization of the raw material. Product is expanded and formed in a narrow gap between the two plates. Blades affixed to a circular knife support ring mounted on the outer edge of the rotor cuts to the desired size.

Rotary Head Corn Grit/Rice Grit Extruder
Model RHE 60 RHE 80 RHE 120
Production Capacity ( Raw Extruded Snacks) 60 Kg/Hr 80 Kg/Hr 120 Kg/Hr
Power Required 18 H.P. 25 H.P. 37.5 H.P.


Our batch frying system are highly efficient as a certain volume of food product is loaded into a frying vessel and stirred for a predetermined time period and then removed and as quickly as possible thereafter the next batch is loaded.

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Circular Batch fryer


This batch type flavour mixing machine is useful for kurkure ,nik naks (extruded corn snack), Spice powder is cooked along with edible oil to form a homogeneous slurry which is sprayed manually in the batch type flavour mixer.

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