Meet the "Team"

Manohar Mirchandani

He is a Visionary, Dreamer and the Founding Father of Dynamech Engineering. His industrious spirit to enterprise his dream into a resounding success has made him the stalwart of Food Production Industry. As the pioneers of the Industry, he has been a disruptive innovator of the industry at a time when it was not even a buzzword.

Even today at a ripe age beyond 60, his gutsy enthusiasm and grit to constantly reinvent and innovate fuels the business endeavours of the company.

Ravi Mirchandani

He is the First believer and the Torch Bearer of Dynamech Engineering. Like Father-Like Son, his business acumen and his charm are matched only by his prudent wisdom of the industry. He is the graduate of the Prestigious CNAM University, he is a simple yet influential man with a head held high and values rooted deep, his ingenuity fuels the global exponential expansion of Dynamech Engineers.

Sameeksha Mirchandani

The First Lady of Dynamech Engineers is the heart and hearth of our company.  Her selfless efforts and contribution to the company is unmatched, and ever since she became an integral part of the Dynamech Family in 2006, her production acumen has made Dynamech Engineers more efficient than ever before